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Poemy thing.

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Poemy thing. Empty Poemy thing.

Post by Nameless Child on Sun Jul 10, 2011 4:41 am

StumbleUpon took me to this website:

I saw this:
Poemy thing. P110

I tried one:
Poemy thing. P210

(PS it doesn't really make sense because there weren't the words i wanted. and no punctuation for the same reason)

Tales sleep and
Soft, intrepid eloquence gone:
Back yonder in sleep.
Whirling Moment.
Unreal love.
Unjust games.
Scorching ballad or machine's score?
Vacuum. Abyss. Abandon.

Never thence have elliptical movements
his radiating essence enlarged.
Nameless Child
Nameless Child

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