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Broken House

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Broken House Empty Broken House

Post by kira on Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:26 pm

chapter 1

“A.lex... A.LEX” Hal screamed from the chair he had been strapped to. “geez Hal no need to shout im coming” as she rushed through the kitchen door with a mug of tea in hand, “for your information i have been waiting for that tea for 30 minutes, i know how long it takes to make a cup of tea and that was far too long, what was you doing in there?” Hal seem less then impressed as the scottish girl held the mug to his face. :king: sighed before answering “i urrm.. i sorta rent-a-ghosted outta ‘ere, you was getting on my nerves” :king: then blew a kiss to hal while plastering on a massive grin. hal was going red in the face “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME I WAS SHOUTING AT NOBODY, THAT YOU WAS OFF GALAVANTING... NOT MAKING MY TEA!”. :king: facial expression had not changed from the monotone stare she was giving the stressed out vampire, “yah pretty much see not that bad when ya think ‘bout it really, ‘n if ya think ‘bout it this ‘aint a b&b no more so i don't ‘ave to be waitin’ on ya hand foot and finger”

Tom burst through the front door and the argument between the vampire and the ghost was getting very heated. “HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO GET THE MUG FROM THE TABLE YOU DISCOURTEOUS ASS-HOLE!”, you could see from the way A.lex was looking at him that the next thing she was going to do was not going to be pleasant, she grabbed the mug and threw it and its contents at Hal, by this point his restraints were near breaking. Silence broke as Tom smashed his fists off the bar “I LEAVE THA ‘OUSE FOR LIKE 10 MINUTES ‘N YOUR ALREADY AT EACH OTHERS THROAT!” :king: scoffed at his choice of words and Hal pulls tighter on the straps that were holding him down as he glared at the ghost. “WOULD YOU GUYS CUT IT OWT... A.LEX GET OWT THE ‘OUSE NOW!” with that she vanished

Tom walks warily over to the tea soaked vampire, his head was down and breathing beginning to steady “oi mate, are you ok” he etches closer to Hal doubtful of his actions “no” he whimpers “could you let me out and shower and change please” the last past almost begging. Toms face showing all the guilt knowing he couldn’t risk anyone's life by doing that, “please, please Tom please” he looked up. Toms heart broke as he saw the tears streaming down Hal’s face

A.lex was looking at the house from the other side of the road watching Toms silhouette creep closer to the chair of which Hal is fastened to, tears falling down her own face. She sat down on the kerb and watched the boys forms move and get on with their visible lives, she wonders if he meant out forever or just for the time being to let them both cool off, she wished, she hoped the second one, she had nothing to do, nobody.She felt her life... death had no purpose now that her body was taken by the men in grey, she couldn't do anything thing to help her brothers or dad with their problems, their grief of her lost. She very much like now, could only stand at the sidelines and watch the world pass before her.

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