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The World isn't all that it seems

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The World isn't all that it seems Empty The World isn't all that it seems

Post by Weekoony on Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:03 am

*Quick note* Ok since this is the first time I have been here for a while due to a few issues around the house I've decided to post my story and the following chapters here. Feel free to review as it will help tell me if I'm am doing something right. There are some changes to the same story on Other Annie's website.

Chapter 1 – The World isn’t all that it seems

It could have been like any other day. It could have ended with me saying "See you tomorrow guys" to my friends but no it had to end my old life and make me start a new one. But this didn't end my opportunities and abilities. It opened new ones.

I was outside going for a little walk under the moonlight. The moon was beautiful, it wasn't full but it was beautiful none the less. As I started to head back to my friends house, I was staying there the night but they had to briefly go out to get something so I went for a little walk to pass the time. It was around 2am when I heard the scream then a laugh. I ran towards the noise to investigate what it was, I came to the corner and peered round to see what was happening. There was a group of teenagers around the age of 15 or 16 and those that faced in my general direction hadn't seen me, yet, looked a bit strange. The skin had dark blue metallic veins that covered the skin, at the tips of the fingers the bone had extended through into claws sharp as razors, the canine teeth - on both bottom and top sets of teeth - had extended into fangs capable of tearing your throat out but the one feature that scared me the most, were the eyes coloured crimson red that had that hint of bloodlust in them telling you that they could kill you in the matter of seconds. And they would enjoy it.

My gut had that feeling, the one telling me to turn around, make a run for it and never look back. I was about to do it too until I saw that the figures changed. The eyes became a human colour with that hint of bloodlust disappearing, the fingers returned to normal, the veins crawling back towards the heart and the fangs retracting. They all looked human and this change pulled me in closer. I hadn't realised it but I began to walk forward slowly but quietly. I felt a twig snap under my foot. Sugar honey iced tea. I froze to the spot as the figure, which now seemed more human, facing away from me turned around.

I knew her, she was a girl in my school in the year above me, her name was Alix Carlyle and I loved her but she didn't like me, I always felt like she hated me because of the tone in her voice when she rarely spoke to me. But even this hate I felt she had for me wouldn't keep me away, I still felt the need to see her and marvel in her beauty.

I stood there, frozen to the spot, heart racing and I felt like I was about to die. She looked at me as if to say "What the hell are you doing here?" even at that distance you could see it. A mere matter of seconds later she stood there in front of me, she grabbed my shirt and pinned me against the wall. She changed back to the creature I saw before. I watched those veins creep across her skin, her teeth grow into fangs and those eyes - that I loved - turn to the crimson red that held bloodlust and anger, "What the hell are you doing here Kynthia?" she asked me with anger in her voice.

"I-I came out for a walk and I-I heard a-a scream" I managed to splutter out.

“Ahh yes, Dinner was good" dinner? Why was she having dinner out here? And why did it scream? “and I am about to have some more" the gap between her face and mine closed as she opened her mouth and closed in on my neck,

"Alix!" a low voice from the group shouted, "Leave her alone", just as fast as Alix had done he appeared by her side in a flash and placed his hand on her shoulder," you have had your share of blood tonight already. None of us need more." Blood? You have got to be kidding me. What the hell was going on here? I eventually got my answers.

She let go of me as instructed and returned to her human state. She turned around and walked back to the group at human pace to join them. She stood by another girl I knew from school - and strangely enough I loved her too.

Her name was Alexa Kennedy and I loved her. Same as Alix but she was a bit more kind to me or was at least willing to show it. She was really nice to everyone and I loved her all the same. They called themselves twinies because they have similar name and they often shortened Alexa's name down to Alex. I found it a bit funny because they were very similar in more ways than that. They both have dark brown hair and they were around the same height too, though Alix has brown eyes and Alexa has greyish eyes though they were more blue than grey. You would rarely see them not together.

"Come with me Kynthia" said the mysterious teenager that seemed to have just saved me from being killed by a girl I love.

"Err...if you don't mind my asking. Who are you?"

"My name is Jon Stewart and I am part of the council of 5 in this branch of our kind"

Our kind? What kind? Well I could see they aren't exactly human now and they seem to drink blood but seriously what "kind" are they?

"Umm... Excuse me but what “kind” are you?" I was a little reluctant to ask in case I risked getting me head ripped off.

"We shall explain in a moment"

Jon had been patient enough to walk at my pace so we could have a quick chat to ready me so they could explain what was going on.

Clearly, I wasn't supposed to see anything.

When we reached the group they didn't seem to like my presence much. They all glowered at me, all in human form - luckily for me they were in human form - but it still made me feel uncomfortable and nervous.

"Right, okay. So we realise that Kynthia here wasn't supposed to see anything but I think we should explain a few things to her to avoid any trouble", he said addressing us all in a very calm and smooth voice. It seemed like he has done it many times before, "I realise that you don't know anything about this", he said turning to me now addressing only me but the rest were still listening, "and the first thing you need to know is that you cannot, under any circumstances, tell anyone about what you have seen and what you are about to hear." I nodded in agreement since I was still a little confused and too nervous to say anything, "Now the first thing about us that I will tell you is that we are not fully human. We seem human but we are not", I bobbed my head to let him know I was following what he was saying; "we are in fact hybrids."

"Hybrids? Hybrids of what?" I asked absentmindedly. I was very curious and interested but I wasn’t thinking.

Alix burst in and started to walk towards me as she did this I slowly walked backwards like a hunter stalking its prey, "We are creatures of the night. We drink the blood of humans to sustain us. Our teeth grow into fangs to bite into our victims veins. We change into a humanoid wolf every 3 months during a full moon. We are influenced by the moon every night. We are the thing of nightmares. What do you think we are hybrids of?" as she said this to me she slowly changed again in front of me and backed me up against a wall. She waited for an answer.

"Vampires and werewolves?" I managed to squeeze out after being scared half to death by her.

"Correct", she replied smiling showing off her fangs as the moonlight glinted off of the tips.
I didn't know why but even like this I thought she was amazing and in a good way. I admired her. The way she looked it terrified me but I was attracted to it at the same time, my curiosity getting the better of me.

Alexa stood by her side and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Come on. Let Jon finish what he has to say then we can go." she walked away to join the rest of the group again.

I hadn't realised but I had been holding my breath and released it in a sigh of relief as I walked back to join Jon to let him finish what he had to say.

The remainder of what he said passed me like a blur. I was tired and after all that happened, no wonder. I understood everything though which was quite lucky. After he had finished he told me to go back to where ever it was I was going and not to mention anything.

When I got back to my friends house, Jessica's house, only fifteen minutes had passed but it felt like eternity.

"Where have you been?" she asked since she had gotten back from the One-O-One before me

"I just went out for a wee walk is all. Just thought I could use some fresh air."

"Oh ok then."

I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened that night and I dreamt about it that night.

The next morning I woke up still lying on the floor in Jessica's house - I always preferred to sleep on a floor than a couch since it always feels comfier - I was still thinking about what happened with the Alex's.

"Hello? Jess where are you?" I shouted when I realised I was in the room myself

"I’m in the kitchen. Do you want anything to eat?"

"No thanks I'll get something when we're out"

We had planned to go out with the rest of my friends for the day and night. That could have possibly been the biggest mistakes of our lives.

We went out that day to Xscape for laser tag during the day and we got something to eat there too. The Hybrids had completely left my mind at the time. Later that day we went to the Cathouse in the city centre - the Cathouse is like a kind of nightclub style thing but not really, it plays heavy rock and has mosh pits etc. - we had a great night.

We were on our way home and we had all just gotten off the bus to go our separate ways home. Since my house was empty because my parents were out for the weekend and Monday I was going to take my time getting home.

But just as we were about to go off home a group of dark hooded figures stood before us in all directions. They couldn't be a regular gang of NEDs. They pulled back their hoods to reveal who they were. They were the Hybrids I met the night before. And we were dinner.

"NO! You can't! Not us!" but it was too late, they fell into the attack. I looked straight ahead of me. Two figures stood there smiling to show off the fangs. They looked at each other and nodded. They were the two I loved. The two Alex's. Alexa leapt into the air and came down to the ground just to the right of me. I felt a deep pain across my face, right shoulder and upper arm. It felt like I was being stabbed and the knife was being dragged across but it was on a much larger scale. I turned my head back up to Alix Carlyle.

"You are mine!" she said with pleasure in her voice. It was like she was looking forward to killing me. But she didn't.

She appeared in front of me in a flash like she had done before and I felt a sharp pain in my neck and a warm liquid flow down my neck. Darkness took over and I fell into black.


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