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New Year's Day (Sequel to Broke, Blind, Or Bedlam)

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New Year's Day (Sequel to Broke, Blind, Or Bedlam) Empty New Year's Day (Sequel to Broke, Blind, Or Bedlam)

Post by bisted on Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:30 am

Finally, with one last desperate gulp, I drank my fill, and stood up from the body that lay on the floor. I felt my fangs retract, but knew my eyes would stay black for a while after feeding. Glancing down at the man's body, I tapped it with the end of my boot. No reaction. I smiled; the idiot had thought he could escape me.

I heard voices, shouting behind me, and spun rapidly, faster than any mortal creature, giving darting looks to the darkness. But it was just the cries and laughter of distant revellers, enjoying the turn of the decade. Seconds later fireworks exploded in the sky, turning it into radiant shades of green and purple, and Big Ben chimed midnight in the distance. 1970. I cared little for their petty reason for joy, I had seen more decades then most of my victims had seen years. My smile this time was a bitter one. As much as I held contempt for their celebrations, I envied them too, envied their ability to forget their troubles and hindrances.

I turned back to the body. He had done well, getting this far, running that quickly away from me, but it had all been for nought. He would never have gotten so far had it not been for my boots. Stiletto heels when hunting, what was I thinking? But even with a head start and my heels, the fool had been no match for me.

But he had had....potential. Three minutes. That was the time till brain death, after which there was nothing you could do to bring someone back. Two and a half minutes had passed since I had torn out his throat and let him die, twitching in my arms. I stared at his face, handsome features with dark hair and sky-blue eyes. Maybe it would be worth recruiting this one. I laughed to myself, and took another look around; just to make sure we were alone.

"Well I'm not taking care of you, but I think I’ll hand you another chance." I bent down, picking a piece of glass on the floor, and dug it deep into my hand, grimacing slightly. As the blood began to trickle slowly from the wound, I placed my hand over his mouth. I felt the excitement rise in me as his mouth began to fill, and I knew that it would soon start to drip down his throat, to doom him to an undeath of equal parts pain and pleasure.

"Happy New Year."

I held my hand in place for what felt like hours, but it could have been seconds, minutes, or days. Perception of time always felt warped after I had fed, and this was no exception, but, as light began to appear over the horizon, I felt a twitch under my hand, a long, drawn-out, full-body shudder.

His arm came up suddenly, and I was hurled across the alleyway into the crumbling brickwork, where I slid down and sprawled on the ground. I rapidly levered myself off the floor and strode over to the now animated body, which appeared to be going through some sort of fit, limbs jerking and torso writhing. Well, that was... unusual, to say the least.

All of a sudden, as swiftly as it had started, it stopped, and the man's body once again lay still.

I knew what came next though, I had seen it many times in my after-life, but as with every time before, I was still startled when the body sat bolt upright, eyes obsidian black. His mouth opened, and he screamed, a heartfelt, bone-chilling scream that tore through the still dawn air.

"Hush now, I know what you have seen. Terrible, terrible things, like the wrath of God and the Devil incarnate. There are things you have just seen that you will never, ever, speak of, never articulate, not even in solitude.” His head whipped round, and those black eyes fixed upon me, and I hesitated, just for a moment, before continuing.

“But I have one thing to say to you, one thing, far more terrible than what you saw, to say to you." I knelt down and looked into his now blue eyes, the black rapidly retreating into the pupil, and gave him my coldest, most chilling smile, one that had been the last sight of thousands during my life time.

"Everything that you saw... is real."

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New Year's Day (Sequel to Broke, Blind, Or Bedlam) Empty Re: New Year's Day (Sequel to Broke, Blind, Or Bedlam)

Post by kira on Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:16 pm

keep going i want to see more

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New Year's Day (Sequel to Broke, Blind, Or Bedlam) Empty Re: New Year's Day (Sequel to Broke, Blind, Or Bedlam)

Post by Agatha on Thu Apr 21, 2011 1:30 am

Wonderful writing. I can't wait to see what you write next Smile

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New Year's Day (Sequel to Broke, Blind, Or Bedlam) Empty Re: New Year's Day (Sequel to Broke, Blind, Or Bedlam)

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