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BH vampires

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BH vampires Empty BH vampires

Post by Andrew Carralak on Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:41 pm

After watching all 3 series of BH recently, i've noticed several things i didn't the first time round and i thought because there seems to be a lot of confusion about the vampires specifically i thought i would put what i've noticed down as a list here. you'll have to bear with me as it is an entirely mental list, but they are all based off things that have been said and seen in BH with some small speculation on my part. feel free to add anything you think may be necessary.

firstly, there's the recruitment. you never actually see a proper recruitment in the series but they are often mentioned, but the method is only ever mentioned once (by Lauren of all people). from what i can tell it involves draining the person almost entirely off blood, but not quite killing them. before they do die, the vampire forces the victim to drink from them. simple really...

something else which i've noticed mentioned, is sunlight. now it's confusing in the series because at times Mitchell is seen out in heavy coats, sunglasses, and a hat, whilst it's very sunny, whereas other vampires seem to be fine. it's not just Mitchell though, as Herrick is seen the same way in S3. i think this is to do with blood consumption: if they haven't had blood for a while, they're more susceptable to photosensitivity. this is only speculation but it's grounded in facts.

another huge piece of ambiguity is how do vampires detect werewolves? most seem to believe it is down to smell. i don't believe this. smell comes into it, but it doesn't explain a lot of what we've seen in the series: for example, when Lauren sees George for the first time after she's died, she had to actually go right up to his neck to be able to smell the werewolf in him. so how can vampires tell werewolves from a distance? the answer ladies and gentlemen, comes from our good friend, William Herrick. he explains that he can't hear the pulse of nina, george, and annie. obviously annie's a ghost not a werewolf, but ghosts don't move around like werewolves, and cannot be seen by humans, so it'd be fairly easy to spot one. i believe this is how werewolves are found out.

another thing: vampires breath and have a pulse... the amount of times you hear Mitchell out of breath and also the fact that he smokes, proves the whole breathing thing really... as for the pulse, i don't recall Herrick saying he couldn't hear Mitchell's pulse... this would also explain why Daisy didn't realise she was talking to a vampire in her's and Ivan's prequel video, which is set between S1 and S2, i believe. and vampires bleed... you cannot bleed without a pulse... as for the hospital machines in S1 when they were attached to Mitchell, when he's finally left alone by the doctors the machine is working and beeping along in the background... rather loudly, in fact...

vampires can die from injuries because of this fact. we can see this from the end of S1 with Mitchell in the hospital. it doesn't matter about the fact it was done by a stake, he should have started healing straight away. but he didn't. he needed fresh blood because his body can't make new blood... i think this may be the source of the hunger. it is an entirely animal instinct for survival. some vampires let it become more though. or perhaps it is so ingrained into them they have caused it to evolve into an addiction. we can only guess at this point.

Garlic does not affect vampires. that is complete bullshit myth. nothing more need be said.

religious items affect vampires, but it's more down to those who wield them than the items themselves. if the person who holds the item, cares for the vampire, then the vampire will be unaffected... so perhaps the items are in fact a focus for something more...

now, to feeding, vampires need to drink blood. if they don't, then they are overcome with an addiction, a hunger, for blood. this is most obvious from Mitchell in S1 and S2. however, they do not need to kill when they feed. i believe that the reasons that they do kill is because A) the hunger takes control, and i believe it's the black eyes that show this, and B) if they were to let those they feed off live, vampires would be revealed to the world.
however, sometimes there are willing participants (Number 7 and Mr Jacobs, for example) which stops the need to kill. this will cause problems for them in the long run, but i think if given time, they could regenerate the blood lost.

this is all i can pull from the list at the moment. more may come to me and i'll post it when and if it does. in the meantime if anyone has anything to add, or feels i may be wrong in some way, feel free to mention it, and we can sit back and debate the whole thing Very Happy
Andrew Carralak
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