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Humanity Empty Humanity

Post by bisted on Tue Jul 24, 2012 2:42 pm

One step and we die. Do you have any idea how that really feels?
One moment you're smiling for a second. The next you're smiling for ever.

You are going to die.
It could be today, tomorrow, in a year, in a decade, in a century. It could even be now.
Every moment you stare death in the face. And every moment, every human alive laughs.
Because to stop laughing is to die. To stop laughing is to stop fighting.
To stop fighting is to stop being human. And that is where you break.
Because the people who are the pariahs, the madmen, the sociopaths, are not mad because they see a lie. They are mad because they see the truth.
When you can look at a human and see nothing but a random arrangement of particles desperatly fighting entropy, then you are broken. Because the truth is corrosive.
Lying is the currency of this world. To recognise the truth is to break the status quo, to shatter the illusion of humanity.
So when I look at a human, I don't look through these eyes. Because these eyes see truth.
And the truth won't kill me. It already has.
But I'm not scared of that. I'm scared that it will kill you too.
So when I look at a human, I look through their eyes. And this destroys me.
Because I take a second look through my own eyes. And I cannot see what they see.
And I fear that one day I won't be able to see through their eyes. Because then I become a monster.
I shall not become a monster. I shall do something human.
I shall not become a monster. I shall become human.

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