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The Feud

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The Feud Empty The Feud

Post by Plutarian on Sat Apr 30, 2011 1:29 am

Raven is my Shadowrun character from uni (about 6 years ago) which unfortunately I didn't get to complete any missions with (as the rest of the group left uni!). So this story combines parts of what we did play (written as a story) and the rest is my work. As I haven't played Shadowrun for 6 years I may have got some of the rules and/or places wrong. Please forgive me if I do.


Running, hiding, fighting, running, hiding, fighting, running, hiding, fighting. . .

Will this ever stop?

Will we ever find a home, somewhere to feel safe?

Maybe just maybe we've found it with Vreckan and Paige. . .

Chapter 1: How My Normal Life Ended

I had a priveleged early childhood, and when I say early I mean early. I had loving parents, a cute younger brother, two dogs and a gorgeous garden with all sorts of hidey holes.

The day it all ended was a normal day. The weather was nice, sunny with a bit of cloud. Dad left for work with a cheery wave and kiss. Little did I know that would be the last time I saw him smile, with that carefree look in his eye.

"Travistan, where are you?" Mum called "Arabella, have you seen your brother? We need to leave for school."

"He's probably in his den. I'll go get him."

I found Travistan in his den, building bits with the components Dad brings home from work.

"Come on, it's time to go."

Travistan chased me up to the car and we headed off like any other day.

* * * * * * *

As soon as I walked out of class I knew something was wrong. Dad was there to pick me up, Dad was never there.

"Arabella!" he picked me up into a bear hug but the smile he gave me never reached his eyes. "Mum and Travistan are already in the car. We need to go quick."

"But where are we going? Why are you here?" I was confused.

"We're going far away on an adventure."

I fell silent, something was very wrong.

* * * * * * *

We journeyed for hours, over land, mountains and sea. I slept fitfully through most of the journey and managed to gleam some information when my parents were talking, thinking I was asleep.

"Why do we need to travel so far?" asked Mum.

"We need to lose any trackers they send after us. Dominus is not going to forget about what I've found." Dad's voice sounded strained.

"How serious is it?"

"Global, I don't see how Exton thinks he can get away with it but for now we need to hide. Protect the children."

Mum glanced up, looking in the mirror "Arabella, how are you feeling? Are you hungry?"

"I'm fine Mum," I lied.

* * * * * * *

Eventually we stopped in London, having travelled across the whole of Europe. Dad pulled into a back alley and approached this large, scary looking man. He was extremely muscular and wearing leather body armour. On his head were what looked like two large horns and his teeth. . . He had gigantic canines that wouldn't fit in his mouth. He was in fact an orc but as I'd never seen one before I didn't know this until later.

Dad had a long conversation with him and handed him a large brown, suspicious looking envelope. Mum was holding her breath, then the orc nodded and shook Dad's hand, Mum breathed out. We all got out of the car and followed the orc through a shabby wooden door. Travistan was so scared he hid in Mum's skirt. I tried to look brave but was clinging so hard to Dad's hand that it must of hurt him.

As we walked through the old warehouse all sorts of people appeared to stare at us. A lot of them had a hungry fresh meat look in their eyes, some showed sympathy and others tried to hide. They didn't seem friendly like our neighbours back home.

Finally we arrived at a small, damp, dark room at the back of the warehouse. The orc handed Dad a padlock and walked away.

So this was our new home.

Chapter 2: Raven is Born

We lived in that shithole for two long years. My eighth and nineth birthday passed, but we had nothing to celebrate or celebrate with. Dad managed to get us food by fixing electricals for people. Travis helped as he was particularly good with computer programs.

Mum carried on teaching, gathering the majority of the children in the warehouse. I asked her why she bothered on many occasions. She always replied the same 'How are they ever going to escape here if they can't read or write?'

Escape! She never talked about us escaping. Both my parents had skills that meant we could of gone anywhere, but we were still in that shithole. They never spoke about us leaving, and then I found out why. . .

* * * * * * *

Dad left to deliver a computer back to a customer. It should of been an easy trip, straight there, collect money and home. But after dropping off the computer he never made it home.

Later I found out the bloke who had hired him was a bounty hunter called Apophis. After he left the office he heard Apophis calling him, hoping for more work Dad turned around.

The sight that Dad saw stopped his heart with fear. On either side of Apophis were low level security mages from Dominus. One of them was obviously a tracker, due to the dog spirit kneeling at his feet.

"That's him, at last" sneered the tracker.

"Are you sure?" asked his companion.

"Yep, the image fits and Rover is positive."

The mage lifted his hands and Dad turned and ran. He got half way to the corner before he found himself frozen to the spot. His worst fears were confirmed, he was caught with no way out and he was going to have to think fast to protect us.

* * * * * * *

Mum was just finishing the stew (don't ask what was in it, judging by the size of the pieces of meat, rat!), when we heard a commotion outside. This happened fairly often and was never for a good reason. Mum froze as she always did even though it was never to do with us. Travis and I peered through the crack in the door.

The two people making their way across the warehouse were definately there to cause trouble. For a start they were in official looking suits, they also didn't care where they were stepping. This was unusual as there was lots of crap you didn't want to step in! I tried to work out what they were following, when suddenly I felt a warm rush of energy through me, like being electricuted. The energy grew and grew until I started rising off the floor. I was almost to the ceiling, my arms spread out with a glowing aura surrounding me. Then the aura retracted into me and I collapsed to the floor unconcious.

* * * * * * *

When I came round the mysterious men had entered our home and tied us all up. I tried to stay as still as possible, thinking it may be an advantage if they didn't know I was awake.

They were questioning Mum, asking her to hand over something. She denied knowing anything, so they stamped on her again and again.

Then I felt a presence approaching me. I turned my head slightly and saw this enourmous, jet black dog approaching. I felt so scared I thought he would rip my throat out, but then I realised I could see through him. He was a spirit! I felt a warmth inside me again, but not as intense as before. I focused on the dog spirit pleading with him to turn away and leave me alone. The warmth flowed out of my fingers and I saw a haze travel to him. He shook himself, then looked me straight in the eye, nodded and turned away.

The suited men were both intent on my mother. I could feel the bonds cutting into my hand. I wished they would go away and I felt a spark of heat and the ropes falling away. I didn't understand what was happening to me but I didn't have time to think about it. I slowly rose and crept over to Travis. His eyes widened in fear, I quickly untied him.


"Shh, get out of here. Crawl through the tunnel we made. Go to Bob's, stay there until I come for you."

He was too scared to argue. He silently crept away, with Travis safe for now I turned back to Mum and the attackers.

* * * * * * *

"I don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about," screamed Mum.

"Your husband is dead and you will follow him unless you cooperate," sneered the meaner looking one.

"No, no he can't be."

"Refused to tell us where you were, but Rover followed his trail."

The dog looked at me sheepishly and I heard a husky voice inside my head.

"I'm sorry young mage. I have to do his *W word*. He trapped me years ago and only his death will release me."

I reeled in shock my father was dead. How could I hear him? He had called me a mage. Is that what this strange feeling is? Magic?

Before I could do anything the tracker said, "We're wasting our time. He didn't take anything. Lets just kill them all and leave."

The other mage nodded and plunged a dagger into Mum's chest.

"No" I screamed and ran over to Mum. Tears were streaming down my face. I touched the dagger and it flew out of her, straight into that evil bastard's heart.

"Heal, Mum heal." I chanted, willing this strange feeling to do something.

"It's up to you now Bella. Look after Travis."

"No, Mum I can save you, heal."

"It won't work young one," said that husky voice in my head. "You are like a young raven learning to fly. It will take years to perfect the art to heal those wounds. Don't waste your magic on the impossible."

I didn't want to believe him but as I watched I saw the light fade from my mothers eyes. She was gone.

The rage inside me built up so suddenly I didn't know what was happening. I screamed and a fireburst flew out of me incinerating everything it touched. Including the tracker and my Mum's body.

"You have freed me young Raven. Remember to be kind to spirits as we will help those kind to us. I can make you forget your pain if you wish."

"No, it's all I have left of them."

"Be careful then and find someone to teach you control," and with that advice I was left completely alone.

I looked down, the only thing left of my mother was her necklace with the strange shape medallion. I bent down, took it and put it on. I then walked out of that room, into a new life.

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